Freedom + Flexibility through freelancing

My mission:

To empower and inspire opportunities for women beyond caregiving and to give them and their families the power to create a better future.


This ultimate all-in-one planner is designed to streamline your day, capture your biggest goal in 12 weeks, and improve your quality of life. The Main Thing will help you:

✔ Break down your goal into manageable segments, plan and track progress

✔ Increase productivity by focusing on what’s most important

✔ Build excellent habits, grow daily, and be the best version of yourself

My 72-page Brand Identity workbook includes:

  • Nail my Audience 
  • Brand Voice
  • Brand colors + Fonts Worksheet
  • Brand statement + tagline worksheet
  • Brand name worksheet
  • Brand promise
  • Brand personality
  • Digital brand essential checklist
  • Creating your USP guidebook + worksheets
  • How to craft your founder/ about story etc

latest posts:

I’m Nelia

I help companies and associations produce high-quality tradeshows, conferences, and meetings. 

I have 23 years of experience in the event business, 6 of them spent contracting. I’ve managed to build a very successful business while keeping true to the goals I had for myself: living with freedom, travel, and balancing my home life which includes 2 daughters, 1 with a significant disability and complex medical needs.

Settle in with some coffee (or something else, I won’t judge) and enjoy.